"The community of the saints is not an 'ideal' community consisting of perfect and sinless men and women, where there is no need of further repentance. No, it is a community which proves that it is worthy of the gospel of forgiveness by constantly and sincerely proclaiming God's forgiveness."  - Dietrich Bonhoeffer

Equipping Hour

Sundays, 10:45-11:45 AM
Following the worship service, we offer a short time of fellowship and light refreshments followed by classes for all ages.  If you have children (6th grade and under), please pick them up between Worship and Equipping Hour to provide a break for our Children’s Ministry teachers and helpers.

Men's Ministry 

Harvest Men meet the last Thursday of each month for breakfast at various places in town (currently Branson Cafe) at 6:30 a.m. They also gather annually for a retreat. 

Women's Ministry 

Harvest has an active Women’s Ministry, which focuses on prayer, service, equipping and fellowship.  We invite women of all ages from Harvest or the community to join us, we have activities almost monthly plus a yearly retreat.

Community Camp

The entire Harvest family takes a weekend retreat every October for prayer, fellowship, study, games, and celebration. 

Community Groups

Community groups are places where people experience, and participate in, authentic Christian community.  While each community group develops its own “personality”, there are three basic focuses they all share:

  • GROW (Loving God): Members grow in their understanding of God and grow deeper in relationship with God through worship, prayer, study, outreach and other spiritual disciplines.
  • EXPERIENCE (Loving others in the group): Members connect with one another by praying together, meeting one another’s needs and enjoying the many benefits of true fellowship.

  • PRACTICE (Loving others outside the group): A unique opportunity to be a light to those outside the church, resulting in drawing people into God’s kingdom so they might grow in discipleship. Small groups are communities that seek to share the love of Christ with the communities around them through serving and reaching out to those who need to experience God’s redeeming love.

What Types of Groups are Offered?
We have a rich variety of community groups that meet at various times during the week, if you have an interest in joining a group please contact the church office.

Pure Desire Groups

Pure Desire Groups meet here at the church, offering training, tools, and accountability to men and women seeking healing in the struggle against pornography, sexual addiction, or relationships with those who are struggling. Please see Seth Leach or Jennifer Freeman  if you would like more details.